Venus Infrastructure

Human Resource


“We aim to transform Venus into a place which fosters productivity by promoting human calibre with innovative methods, thus inculcating a valued & cherished experience to be shared by all members of the Venus family.”

At Venus, we provide opportunity for progress to those who have the determination and potential to develop their own capabilities. We aim to provide you with an opportunity driven by targets, to help you grow & in turn contribute to the goal of the organization. We offer you a career to become part of our Vision, “To be a name to reckon with in Indian Construction industry and become a trailblazer organization for others to follow in infrastructure projects practices”

HR Mission

The building blocks of our constructions are our people. It is important to have a good organization structure, but it is even more important to fill the vacancy with the right people at the right time. They build our development with passion and with thorough detailing, who provide us support to reach newer heights of brilliancy. We emphasis not only on production and productivity but also on the quality of life. This equipped us to achieve the fullest development of human resources as well as organization as a whole.

Individual employee-goals consists of job satisfaction, job security, high salary, attractive fringe benefits, challenging work environment, pride, status, recognition, opportunities, etc. Human Resources Management is concerned with developing potential of employees so that maximum satisfaction from their work can be achieved. We are people driven company and put a premium in nurturing and inspiring talents. We invest in R&D and inspire our team of dedicated professionals to be at the forefront of global technological advancement.

Personal empowerment is just a way of life; no national or state level seminar related to built-environment sector goes unattended by our employees. We believe, it is the first step towards creating true techno-commercial manager for tomorrow. We are fortunate to have best skilled employees from different streams of education, varies from technical to marketing, finance, legal, engineering, and so on, with huge experience to make optimal mix. Nevertheless, we do not hesitate to give chance to fresh engineers and managers, which make us to help them to build their dream career.

Venus motivates engineers to implement newer technology, which reduces laborious task and provide challenging work environment to test their skills – “Gold shows its purity, only after passing through fire.”