Venus Infrastructure

Lifespace Creators

Since time immemorial, the form of Lifespaces has evolved from a simple tree - house to present lavish creations. But the soul and purpose of creations is the same. And this forms the nucleus of Venus Lifespace Creators.

We believe not just in tradition, but innovation that complements our timeless structures applauded by the industry. Our core values of business ethics, customer focus and total quality has made us a formidable business house and also everyone's favourite. Our Landmark creations have won us not only accolades but has also earned us creative awards at GIHED too. We have been the proud recipient of ISO 14001:2004 Certification for Environmental Management and ISO 9001:2008 Certification for Management Processes.

Venus has been unlocking the door to splendid real estate creations with some of the finest Lifespaces. Lifespaces that you will love to be in!!!

About Us

Our Main Focus

Enhancing contentment through high amenity

  • Value addition for comfort
  • Options to unwind and attain relaxation
  • Globally reckoning standards on safety

Nurturing investment value through strategic location

  • Choosing a place for purpose
  • Driven by objectives and ambitions
  • Seasoned brains in the business to convince and care

Articulate planning and design for seamless flexibility

  • Enabling the space to do more
  • Quality and attention to detailing
  • Outstanding team of designing professionals to imagine extraordinary

A commitment to environment

  • Committed to environmental sustainability
  • Building an enviable environmental reputation

Delivering a clear promise, with unimpaired consistency

  • Venus Life spaces improve the way our clients live at home, at office and play
Years of Experience
Happy Customers
Acres Land Bank

Our Vision

Venus connotes evolution milestone in carving our journey from strong foundations to new realms in construction services. We understand and value this evolution. Like every other industry, construction too experiences cult, which directly reflects in the rapidly changing scenario. This shifting paradigm is a ground to prove innovative excellence, and Venus is successfully built on this premise.

In creating exceptional lifespaces for people to live, our specialist teams, with over 20 years of experience, bring a truly comprehensive experience and vision. Venus works with the best local architects, often in collaboration with leading designers, to deliver residential communities that are part of a vibrant new shopping, leisure and living environment.

Home and Lifestyle

The most central space of our life is our Home. Inner to our existence, it houses ambitions and builds our lifestyle. We take great pride in providing homes that can connote this expression as a tangible experience for our customers. The evolving urban age has a thriving surrounding, which forms the urban pulse and needs to be reflected in our living. Taking this as an ideal touch, we shape our modern, upscale and yet affordable homes for a multitude of customers to enjoy and live in.

Our functional, comfortable, resilient spirited and environment friendly residences will always be the desired lifespaces for our customers.


Corporate and Enterprise Infrastructure

Today, individual marketing is attracting interest. Just as each of us looks different, products and services should naturally be different. For us, business starts from putting ourselves in the customer's shoes. Based on a thorough understanding of the customer, we always try to offer what the customer needs and try to make sure the customer understands Venus. Knowing the customer, and ensuring the customer knows us.

Fashion is something that constantly changes. But fashion should not be part of real estate. This is because virtually all the products we handle, like homes, and the services we provide are to be appreciated over many years. Because of this approach, we value what doesn't change. Reliability, security, confidence... these are what we call brands. And we include sympathy, inspiration, and excitement within the scope of "brand".

Our corporate infrastructure is focused to build high-performing and energetically charged workplaces.

We live up to our vision of shaping lifespaces with creative energy.

Meet Our Team