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This is being developed to answer all the growing demands on C.G. Road. It is a fully integrated, well-designed, fully air-conditioned shopping mall.

  • Designed by a Mumbai based architect
  • Audited by a London based architect
  • It has double basement parking facility
  • It is on a pure Lease Model. None of the shop has been sold to any one at all.
  • It has been anchored by “Shopper's Stop”
  • It has all major retail brands committed.
  • It has an entertainment zone and a food court on the top floor.
  • Poised to open very soon.
  • It has a unique imported Ferrari Dome in the center atrium of the Mall.
  • IBMS, state of the art facilities shall make it a shoppers paradise.
  • The team that was assigned to this project...were extremely professional throughout the project and assured our expectations were met and often exceeded.