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Home. It cannot be described in words, nor can it be supported by reasons. A special place it is, to every heart and each being. If one is asked to imagine a home, there emerges a picture of a spacious place with ample sunlight where every season has its own charm. Leisure, space and happiness - My home, My IVY

Venus Ivy is the elite home for all those royal minds who want to spend blissful moments in the lap of luxury.

  • Located on Jodhpur Cross Road
  • High End Residential - 3 BHK + Living Room
  • 2 Towers, 12 Floors (2 Apartment each floor)
  • Fully Air conditioned exclusive 48 units
  • Area of 2781 sq. ft. (309 sq. yard)
  • Contemporary layout blended with nature. Each unit faces lush green garden that’s landscaped to bestow a unique look to your abode.

  • Lifespaces that you will love to be in!!!

    An address you will be proud of...

For Inquiry Contact

+91 96876 67757 / 58, +91 98790 06677