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As a reply to the growing suburbs, this project is located on the new stretch of Prahladnagar road. It has a unique frontage and it shall be the largest commercial development in the locality. The size of this development shall be about 6 lac sq feet.

This is also being developed by a Mumbai based architect, thus will be unique and different from the local developer's buildings. It shall be a high-rise building.

  • The largest car-parking space for any commercial complex in Gujarat.
  • Special valet service for all occupants.
  • Well planned apartments ensuring ample ventilation and daylight
  • Fully Wi-Fi enabled premises.
  • Common conference and brainstorming rooms.
  • Fully equipped business centre.
  • Games room, gymnasiums, cafeteria and other recreation zones.
  • ‘Beam-less structure’ accommodating more ceiling height on certain floors.
  • Individually designed units with great views.
  • It’s located at the heart of the most happening neighborhood in Ahmedabad. The best commercial, retail, recreational and residential properties are close by.
  • A job well done. Everything went as per schedule. Coming from a project management background I know your team put a lot of effort to achieve this. Thank you.